Reducing MRO Expenses

For more than 20 years, Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply (THIS) has provided comprehensive savings solutions to global businesses by implementing targeted projects to reduce MRO costs. Our team cuts indirect material expenses through a combination of services that optimize your acquisition costs, cost of ownership and asset performance.

THIS has established relationships with many industrial supply manufacturers and distributors, providing greater leverage in price negotiations. This means that we can acquire high-quality MRO supplies at manufacturer-direct rates, providing cost-to-cost savings. Our experts manage and track deliveries to ensure that products arrive exactly when you need them, keeping our clients’ inventories at optimal levels, and work completion and production schedules on target. We effectively integrate ERP/MRP systems to manage demand and streamline purchasing.

The Benefits of Integrated Supply Solutions

After Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply analyzes your business’s current performance relative to industry standards, we provide an operating plan that delivers a single comprehensive and customized savings solution designed to eliminate inefficiencies and cut costs within your indirect materials operation. We even provide engineering services and other technical staff to provide specialized recommendations across several product categories.

Our experts will optimize your inventory and manage your storeroom. We begin by examining your company’s current inventory, learning about the product and work demand in your operation, and identifying the supplies that can be reduced through use or disposition. Using state-of-the-art software, we apply over 30 algorithms to analyze each part, leaving the customer a right-sized inventory with no interruption to operations and minimal capital outlay.

We assess workflow processes for purchasing, inventory and asset management, as well as the layout of equipment and facilities to ensure that we are operating at the highest degree of efficiency and at the lowest cost available for your operation. To do so, THIS will thoroughly audit your business and implement strategic changes to significantly reduce your total costs of acquisition and ownership, improve working capital, and increase both asset performance and work completion.

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With our industry-leading business information and cost savings portal THISone, you’ll have access to real-time business information and key performance indicators that are unmatched across integrated supply. THISone provides multi-level critical information that includes metrics for your company’s total savings achieved by category, continuous improvement projects, repair and warranty asset tracking, and many additional outputs that are designed to drive immediate, informed decisions and work completion that is vital to your company’s operation.

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