“The World Trade Center transcends any project ever built. Thank you Turtle & Hughes for always keeping our moral compass pointing true north and for never wavering from the call of duty. We had a challenge and we made it happen.”

— Steven Plate, Director of the World Trade Center Construction for the Port Authority of NY and NJ

“Turtle & Hughes provides unbelievably dedicated service and support and also connects you to Rockwell Automation. I’ve had issues that would have led someone to two, three, or five days of troubleshooting with Legacy systems that Turtle & Hughes found in a matter of minutes, right down to the serial number and chip on circuit boards and processors that were known to have flaws from eight or ten years ago.”

— Dino Favetta, Controlamatics Corp.

“It is truly a relationship business with Turtle & Hughes and not just a transaction business ... common goals and a very solid work ethic have made for a great partnership.”

— Dennis Anweiler, Prysmian Group

“We are very proud that our relationship with Turtle & Hughes goes back for well over 80 years. Even though it’s spanned generations, the relationship continues. To us, it comes down to people forming lasting partnerships.”

— Ed Miro, Thea & Schoen

“Our relationship with Turtle & Hughes goes back about 40 years and they’re a major part of our business today. There’s a lot of loyalty between our two companies.”

— Peter Brindisi, Bizzarro & Brindisi

“Everything that Turtle & Hughes does, they do 100 percent.”

— Stephen Baumbusch, Mercury Lighting Products

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Dennis Anweiler,
Prysmian Group

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