Leadership Team

Meet the people who provide our strategic direction and learn how they build a team that delivers incomparable customer service.

Jayne Millard, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer — Hire the Best

"The most important driver of our success has always been, and will always be, our people. What makes us different is the personal commitment that each of us brings to our customers.”

Jayne Millard has grown Turtle & Hughes on an entrepreneurial platform first inspired by her great-grandfather over 90 years ago. Jayne has moved the company forward by cultivating service innovations and adding value to customers across all components of the supply chain. At the helm since 2010, her commitment to fostering an atmosphere of employee collaboration and innovation was recognized by the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2012 Award in New Jersey. This year, the honors continued when she was chosen as a judge for the prestigious EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2015 National program.

Rick Reffler, President, Electrical Distribution Division — Always Put the Customer First

“Nothing is more important than our customers. Our goal is to continually exceed customer expectations.”

As President of the Electrical Distribution division of Turtle & Hughes, Rick Reffler mentors the national sales force to deliver on his anthem of superior customer service. A top industry salesman himself — and once owner of his own electrical distributorship — Rick has 46 years of industry experience. In his 19 years at Turtle & Hughes, he has built the business by developing strong manufacturer partnerships, and listening to what his customers want and delivering on those needs. Over the years, his single-minded commitment and entrepreneurial drive have led to the creation of several specialty departments that enhance the company’s reputation and provide customers with one of the industry’s most comprehensive range of services.

Michael DeVoney, President and General Manager, Turtle & Hughes Integrated Supply (THIS) — Find the Next Big Idea

“The next big idea is customer service.”

Michael DeVoney was named President of THIS in 2013 and has since redefined the status quo by seeing the big picture, one customer at a time. He has reorganized the division, instituted several new wide-scale service innovations and brought the business to the international market. All of these enhancements come from his thoughtful consideration of new ideas during his more than 35 years in the industry.

Randy Roessle, Executive Vice President — Build a Brain Trust

“Everything comes down to training. It is only through continual growth and progress that we will improve and continue to help our customers succeed.”

Randy Roessle holds a diverse industry knowledge base and has evolved into a champion for developing technical expertise as the requisite to uncovering the best solutions for our customers’ needs. His 30 years of industry experience centers on Industrial Control & Automation, so he recognizes the critical need for on-going product training and the benefits of solutions selling. As executive sponsor of Turtle & Hughes’ recent ERP implementation, Randy has secured his success through his devotion to life long learning.

Kevin Doyle, Chief Operating Officer — Take Action to Create Opportunity

“Action creates opportunity. We don’t wait for the few extraordinary opportunities that might come our way; we actively pursue the common occasions and make them great for our customers.”

Kevin Doyle knows the rewards of taking smart risks and has used his financial and operational acumen to help catapult Turtle & Hughes into one of the country’s top independent electrical and industrial distributors. As Chief Operating Officer, Kevin takes a role in employee administration, negotiating, risk management and profit maximization. During his long career at Turtle & Hughes, he has seized many opportunities to standardize operational procedures and improve the total customer experience.

Chris Rausch, Chief Financial Officer — Back it up with Financial Strength

“What matters to our customers is our strong financial balance sheet. We have the tolerance and flexibility to consider and manage risks that others can’t.”

Maintaining our strong financial muscle is the job of Chris Rausch, Chief Financial Officer and one of the newest members of the Turtle & Hughes Leadership team. Chris took the reins after many years of growth and expansion and, in a very short time, has built on that legacy by creating the financial systems and processes necessary to launch the company into the international market. With over 20 years of experience, his prudent management, keen financial sense and steady discipline, will assure customers that we will continue to operate from a position of strength.

Trevor Barnett, Treasurer — Do Good Business

“Nothing is more important than integrity, honesty and accountability. It’s how we build customer loyalty for the long-term.”

Few in our long company history have been more central to the Leadership team than Trevor Barnett. For over 35 years, he has instilled many qualities into the company culture, but the most important has been the mutual respect and trust he builds with employees, customers and vendors. For most of his career, Trevor was Chief Financial Officer. Today, he oversees the company’s ESOP and 401 (k) plan, both of which have grown in participation and value under his watchful eye.

Our Rankings

#16 on Electrical Wholesaling Magazine’s list of the largest U.S. electrical distribution companies

#1 on Crain’s list of Women-Owned Businesses in the New York area

#15 on Modern Distribution Management’s (MDM) Top Electrical Distributors list

#24 on MDM’s Top 40 Industrial Distributors list

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