A 90-Year History of Diversity

Our commitment to a diverse workforce means that we can bring many unique talents and experiences to our customers. Our teams collaborate and share different points of view, so we can better find the right solution for your business. As a diversity company ourselves, we embrace our differences as a way to inspire all of our employees to perform to their highest ability.


This is nothing new to Turtle & Hughes. For three generations, women have led our company to its current record-setting annual sales and more than 850 employees. In a male-dominated industry, our management has become a role model for other minority businesses and we are a mentor to many minority firms entering the field.


The same commitment to diversity holds true for our supplier relationships across all aspects of our business dealings. We welcome diverse suppliers for our own internal company needs and for our external customer requirements. Many of our customers actively look to do business with diverse suppliers as a way to strengthen their supply chain. It is our goal to partner with diverse suppliers that will add value while helping our customers fulfill their corporate or government mandates.

Certified Women-Owned

For over 25 years, Turtle & Hughes has been a certified women-owned business and we are counted among the largest women-owned companies of any kind nationwide.
Our certification is a symbol of pride at Turtle & Hughes. It honors our heritage as a third generation women-owned business; it celebrates our diversity; and it encourages us all to give back by mentoring other minority companies.
If you would like to view and download a copy of one of our certificates, please click on the links below.
National Women’s Business Enterprise Certification (WBENC)

WBE Certificates

Public Works Certificate

Supplier Diversity

Are you interested in becoming one of our diverse suppliers? To be eligible, a diverse supplier must be 51 percent owned and operated by a woman, minority, veteran, disabled or disadvantaged individual (or must qualify as Group 9) and must be owned by a U.S. citizen. Companies must be certified by one of the following organizations:

  • WMBEC—Women & Minority Business Enterprise Clearinghouse
  • SBA—Small Business Administration
  • WBENC—Women Business Enterprise National Council
  • Municipal or State Purchasing Departments
  • NMSDC—National Minority Supplier Development Council
  • NWBOC—National Women Business Owners Corporation Network

Corporate Responsibility: Integrity,
Sustainability and Service

Corporate responsibility isn’t a slogan hung on our boardroom wall; it’s behavior embedded in our DNA. Since our founding, the defining principles of corporate responsibility – integrity, sustainability and service – have only deepened over the decades.

  • Integrity: Actions have consequences. Clients, partners, employees, communities and the planet are all affected by what we do. All our stakeholders understand that we are a company they can count on.
  • Sustainability: We reduced our carbon footprint at our Bridgewater office by 63 percent. Our Linden and Plainfield facilities are run by solar power at 55 percent and 76 percent, respectively. We offer our clients the same and more energy solutions through our Energy Management & Renewable Generation department, including wind and solar power installation, and energy efficiency upgrades.
  • Service: As a family-and employee-owned company, we understand the ties that bind. Service to our communities, our cities and our country is second nature to us. Whether it’s donating Christmas toys to our local children’s charity, volunteering our time and expertise during natural disasters, or supporting sea turtle conservation, the rewards of giving are profound and lasting.

Serving Our Communities

Our employees know when it’s right to take action. They also know that as a company and as citizens, we all have a responsibility to serve our local communities. Each year, from coast to coast, our people unite to support several large company-wide initiatives while also taking the time to participate in philanthropies that are important in their own lives.

Sea Turtle 

Turtles are special to us, which is why we are a proud sponsor of the annual Tour de Turtles, a three month migration marathon created by the non-profit Sea Turtle Conservancy. Bright lights are a threat to sea turtles, so we support sea-turtle-friendly red or amber LED or low-pressure sodium HID lamps along the shorelines where they nest.

We Open Doors:

Turtle & Hughes mentors other minority- and women-owned (M/WBE) businesses just starting out in the industry.

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